Center of Excellence


The Center of Excellence (COE) was started in November 2012 to help City departments and agencies to operate more efficiently and effectively, in alignment with the Mayor’s Strategic Goal 5.  The focus for the COE is organizational development, project management, performance management and the City’s Returning to Learning (RTL) Tuition Discount program.  The work is accomplished through training, consulting engagements with departments and agencies, PhillyStat meetings and managing the RTL relationships. Since November 2013 this department has made significant contributions in each of its primary areas providing more than $3M of value to the City of Philadelphia.

The COE has delivered over 3,000 hours of training to nearly 400 employees across 50 different City agencies.  This training has covered areas such as project management, performance management, leadership, supervision and public speaking.  The value of the development and delivery of these programs is approximately $2M.   Additional offerings are currently in development to be delivered in the next several months.

The COE has also provided consulting support to 14 different agencies in the areas of change management, team building, leadership retreats, employee surveys, executive coaching, performance evaluation and focus groups to name a few.  These projects generally cover several months and substantial hours of COE time.  The external value of these services totals over $875,000.

In addition to the consulting engagements above, the COE has also supported 12 agencies in developing their strategic plans.  This work helps departments focus their efforts on achieving strategic outcomes and articulate this focus to their departments and to their customers.  The external value of these services is approximately $375,000.


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