Core Functions


The Center of Excellence is a resource for City departments and agencies providing support in organizational development, project management and performance management through training, consulting engagements and process improvements.  These services enhance the quality of City services, and support the development and retention of City employees.

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Core Functions:

  • Consult with departments to solve business problems
  • Provide research and access to best practices to improve performance
  • Create and deliver training and development experiences that enhance performance
  • Support the continuing education efforts of City employees
  • Communicate performance metrics on the Mayor’s goals

Organization Chart

Organization Chart:

Organization Development

Organizational Development:

The Organizational Development (OD) function provides tools, structures, and processes to support the development and retention of City employees, while building the capabilities required to build current and future business needs. OD’s core functions are to:

  • Become a preferred resource for Organizational Development best practices
  • Develop tools and resources for succession planning
  • Develop and manage  training and developmental programs
  • Serve as internal consultants around organizational development initiatives

Performance Management

Performance Management:

The Performance Management (PM) function improves transparency on the City’s performance through public reporting, drives excellence across the City through the implementation of performance management tools, and supports cross-functional Administration priorities. PM’s core functions are to:

  • Consult and guide City departments on strategic planning, survey execution & analysis and qualitative research
  • Offer employee technical trainings to continually monitor and assess organizational performance
  • Support departments in their efforts to organize, analyze and validate data to increase program effectiveness and identify strategies for improvement
  • Organize and lead the PhillyStat program

PhillyStat was created under Mayor Nutter’s administration in 2008 to bring transparency to departmental performance in the delivery of services for our residents. Over time, the scope of the program has evolved from a pure data performance model to pursuit of organizational performance excellence.

However, the core of what we do remains the same: to increase organizational effectiveness and capabilities and to bring alignment in plans, processes, decisions, people, actions and results that bring improved value to our residents. Since the program’s inception, PhillyStat has held more than 50 performance reviews across various City departments and agencies.

Project Management

Project Management:

The Project Management Office (PMO) improves the City’s capability to effectively manage projects and develops permanent Project Management resources for City employees.  The PMO’s core functions are to:

  • Create a central hub for Project Management standards and best practices
  • Develop and train employees on Project Management
  • Manage key strategic MDO projects as project manager
  • Create and maintain a Project Management community of practice

Return to Learning Partnership Program

Returning to Learning Partnership Program:

The Mayor’s Returning to Learning Partnership Program (RTL) is a tuition discount program for City employees (and sometimes spouses and dependents as well) in partnership with area colleges and universities. RTL’s purpose is to help City employees develop and continue their education. To this end, RTL also partners with other agencies and organizations that provide support to adult learners. RTL’s core functions are to:

  • Ensure the program is accessible to City employees
  • Coordinate events including college fairs, and lunch and learns
  • Maintain relationships with area colleges, universities and other educational partners
  • Ensure that the partnership continues to meet the needs of City employees

The Returning to Learning Partnership has provided substantial resources to employees who wish to further their education.  More than 250 employees have utilized the discount, and more than 50 employees have graduated with the assistance of the Returning to Learning partnership.  15 colleges and universities in the area are participating in the program up from 12 in the previous year.  This variety of local institutions provides flexibility for our employees as well as substantial cost savings. Click below to obtain the program’s information sheet.


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